The Best Dog Leash for Travel

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but they can sometimes also be a problematic travel companion. While it is wonderful to travel with your furry friend, it is still important to have a good and sturdy dog leash with you to keep your companion close by. Unless you want to risk your little guy getting spooked and running off in a new and strange location, make sure you’ve got one of the below leashes with you at all times.

Pawtitas Pet Reflective Padded Anti-Shock Leash

This leash was designed for runners, but all of the elements that make it a good leash to run with also make it a good leash to travel with. Instead of the traditional hand loop, this leash comes with a belt loop so that you can wear it around your middle and be completely hands-free. Nothing is worse than juggling your luggage, ID, boarding pass and a leash all with only two hands.

This leash eliminates that problem. It also features anti-shock properties in the form of an elastic dog lead. If your dog suddenly pulls away from you, you won’t be dragged along with it. Instead the elastic will extend and you will feel a gentle tug instead of a sharp pull. Plus the waist strap is padded, so it will be comfortable against you.

The leash also features a reflective strip down the leash so that you and your four-legged friend will be safe in the dark. It comes in nine fun colors, and Pawtitas assures its customers that by “Using the latest high-end materials, PAWTITAS products specialize in delivering the highest degree of safety, style, and comfort for an important part of your family.”

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TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable dog leashes are a common choice for many dog owners, and for good reason. They feature large, sturdy handles, and can lock at any length. That means that if your dog begins to get away from you, you can lock the leash in place so that they cannot wander too far. You can lock and release as needed, or keep your leashed locked at a certain place. If you like to keep your dog close to you in busy or crowded locations, then this is a great solution for you.

This particular leash can extend out to 16ft, giving your friend quite a lot of roaming around space. It also comes with an attached packet of plastic bags, which makes clean up easy and convenient when you are on the go. The leash is approved for any dog up to 110lbs in weight and weighs less than a pound itself. This is also a great leash to pack in your luggage since it retracts into itself and won’t get tangled around the rest of your items.

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EzyDog Universal Dog Car Restraint

The design of this leash is specifically for cars. If you are going to take your best pal on the road with you, you should definitely bring one of these along with your regular leash. To use this leash, you take your car’s seatbelt and string it through the loop of this leash before buckling it in. The attachment on this leash then clips to your dog’s harness. This keeps him/her securely in the seat and ensures that they will be safe should there be a crash.

It also helps keep your dog in place so that he/she is not moving around the vehicle and distracting you as you drive. Your dog will still have enough lead room to sit or lie down, maximizing their comfort as well as yours. We make sure every human is buckled in before a long car ride – why not apply those same safety standards to the four-legged members of your family?

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MoSANY 3 Way Dog Leash

The more the merrier! So if you are traveling with more than one animal, you should definitely have this leash with you. One hand strap connects to three separate collar attachments with this leash. This gives each of your pet’s space to move around. It also allows you to carry just one hand strap instead of three.

The leash is made of durable nylon. Each of the three leads detaches so that you can use this leash for one, two, or three pets. It also comes with a fantastic collapsible travel bowl, which clips right on to the leash itself with a carabineer. Three dogs may be a handful. With this tool, it won’t feel like it!

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Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

This leash is great for large, more anxiety prone pets. It is strong and sturdy. Even if your pup gets nervous, he/she will not be able to actually break away from you. It is nearly two times thicker and stronger than your average dog leash, and it features two padded handholds.

One hand hold is at the end for standard walking. The other is much closer to your dog’s collar so that you can quickly grab it and keep him/her close to you in crowded or stressful situations. It also has reflective treading to keep you both safe and visible, and it comes in two fun colors. The manufacturer even promises a 100% money back guarantee.

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Whether you’re bringing your furry friend on a walk, car ride, or flight, make sure you have the proper tools. The right gear will keep both of you safe, happy, and healthy.

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